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Lin & Fabrice have decided to combine their respective cultural traditions to make you discover the pleasures and flavors of the authentic Chinese traditional cuisine of North China, a cuisine that is both healthy and balanced, and based on fresh produce. homemade pasta ... All in a Chinese atmosphere with tastes adapted to French palaces.

More and more, we decided to expand our menu to better satisfy our vegetarian and vegan clientele.
It is true that Chinese cuisine is easily conducive to VEGAN cuisine thanks to the diversity of spices or typical Asian vegetables, but also, first of all, thanks to the very nature of our Chinese noodles and our fresh pasta which are exclusively made of water and flour.
On the menu, all our VEGAN dishes are identified by a specific logo to help you identify them quickly.

Every day you will have the opportunity to find in your Mankoufu:
* VEGAN ravioli: 4 vegetables, tofu, delicately scented with 5 Chinese spices;

  • stuffed breads VEGAN: 4 vegetables, tofu, delicately scented with 5 Chinese spices;
  • VEGAN noodles soup carrots, celery, leeks, coriander, sesame oil;
  • VEGAN spring rolls;
  • a Tofu soup;
  • VEGAN fondue: vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, vegan ravioli, rice noodles, etc.
  • cold noodle salads VEGAN;
  • sauteed noodles with VEGAN vegetables;

But also 100% VEGAN desserts like Japanese pearls in homemade rice milk and coconut milk, or sweet stuffed breads.

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Chinese, vegan, Vegan Friendly, Vegetarian menu

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Traditional Chinese Restaurant


Terrace, Private Hire, Private Room, Cooking Class

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Debit Card, Cheques, Visa, Cash, EN - Titres restaurant, Restaurant Ticket

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